Sunday, February 16, 2014

V. Day

This blog has been in the making for quite some time now, and thanks to the lovely Rylee Blake and all of her genius, I was able to finally get a design that I love! (you can check out her blog at The inspiration of my name came from the French phrase, "mon cherie amour" which means, my dear love. I'm all about Love, and I guess I think I'm pretty clever putting my own name into the phrase. Anyway, since I'm all about love, I figured what better day to write my first post other than Valentines Day? I realize it's two days after Valentines day, but I did start writing this on Valentines day, so we will count it.

To me, Valentines Day has always been well looked forward to. No, I have not always had a significant other. In Fact, most of my Valentines days have been spent solo. Why did I look forward to Valentines day then? Well, let me tell you.

1. The Candy… Duh.
2. The Awesome Valentines Day boxes that I always spent hours making.
3. The hand picked Valentines day cards that I gave out to my best friends, crushes, and not so secret admirers. (you know the kind... "You're a cool cat!" or simply, "have an awesome Valentines Day! I mean... we don't want them to get any ideas, so we make sure they get the least flirty Valentine ever.)
4. The pancake breakfast with strawberries and whipped cream that my mom always makes 5. The cute little Valentine from my mom and dad… At least someone has always loved me!
6. Chick Flicks. Seriously? The best chick flicks always come out around Valentines day. And you bet your bottom dollar that my besties and I made a night of it!

 So for all you single people out there, take heart. There are way too many perks to Valentines day to be all "doom and gloom" about it. Some of my favorite Valentine's days have been spent with my best friends, going to dinner, watching chick flicks, and obviously deep chats, cause it's just not a girls night without one.

This Valentines day is a special one, particularly because I am spending it with my best friend in the whole world. He's also going to be my husband in 22 days...(now 20!) And I'm seriously so excited! But I won't get off on a tangent. I figured since it's a day of Love, I'll tell everyone a little bit of Jason and I's love story. This is the story of how we first met. It was January 7, 2013, and my friends and I were invited to a friends birthday party. There were going to be a lot of people there, and that meant that we could meet some new faces and make new friends. So, we went to this party, and when we got there we saw a familiar face and gravitated in that direction. This party was at a cabin, so my friends and I were upstairs in the loft playing pool with some guys that we knew. Then, some guys that we didn't know came up and… "Oh… he's cute! And wow… his eyes are unreal." I thought to my timid little self.

Luckily for us, these guys that we knew and the guys that we didn't know were friends. They introduced themselves and the cute boy with the pretty eyes told me that his name was Jason. So, as the night went on, we talked and got to know each other, but the party was big and the options were endless, so after awhile we split up to meet other people. At the end of the night, Jason and his friends were leaving, and my friends and I were still with that mutual friend of ours. Jason turned and asked me, "You hang out with Dakota a lot, right?" and I said, "um… yeah?" and he said, "Cool! Well I'm sure I'll see you around then."


 Okay… really? Well, that was being blown off if I'd ever been blown off before! He didn't ask for my number, nothing. Just a "see you around!" Oh well, you can't win 'em all… A few nights later, our friend Dakota invited us to another party, and we decided to go. Upon arrival, Who do I see but all my friends?! And that mysterious cute guy that I suddenly forgot his name.. oops. And you know what I did? I marched straight up to him, put my hands on both sides of his face, and got unusually close to his face with mine and said, "You're the boy with the pretty eyes! But I forgot your name… what is it? I promise I won't forget it again." WTF… Did I just do that? If you know me, you know that is extremely out of the ordinary for me to be that gutsy.. especially with cute boys. Of course he gave me trouble, but he finally told me his name. Again, it was a party, so we chatted for a bit and went on our way.

At the end of the night, my friends and I were with Dakota, and Jason had taken a picture of my friend and I with Dakota at the last party. Dakota asked him to send it to him, and I piped in and said, "Oh! Send it to me too!" So, he then asked me for my number so he could send it to me.

Guess what? He didn't send it to me. In fact, he didn't even text me at all.

However, I did see him pretty much every single day that week because I had become quite good friends with his friend group. Like all the other times, we would talk but nothing to show that either of us had interest. At this point, I just thought that we were friends. So, now that we were such good buddies, about a week or so later, I got a text from Jason saying, "Sheree Otterson what's up?" I am no game player, so I texted him back right away... smooth right? And not only did I text him back right away, this is what my text said, "haha hey Jas! I'm sitting in English.. Yuck. haha you?" Okay... since when did I start calling him 'Jas' like we are on a nickname basis? And why did I nervous giggle twice in a 10 word text? Give me the award for worst game player ever. Anyway, he asked me if I would help him pass out flyers for his friend's party at my lunch break. Since we were such good friends, of course I said yes and didn't think anything of it!

We met in the food court at UVU to pass out flyers, and he said that he would buy me lunch after for helping him out. So, as we passed out flyers, we talked. This was the first time that I had actually been alone with Jason and talking to just him. We talked about so many different things, and he brought up dating. He asked me, "if a guy asked you out, and you weren't interested and knew that there would never be a chance that you would date him, what is your opinion? Do you live by the one date rule, or would you say no?" I straight up told him that I'd say no.

I'm going to get on my soap box here for a minute. I have six brothers, and all of my older brothers have told me that they would rather a girl be honest and upfront with them at the beginning, because planning a date takes time, effort, and money. Not only that, but they get their hopes up that you might be considering dating them.. I mean, you said yes to the date, so that must mean there's a little bit of interest, right? Wrong. If a girl isn't interested and knows that there's no chance, most guys would rather the girl say no. There's ways to be tactful about saying no, but I think it isn't nice to say yes if you know you're not interested. There's my two cents on the subject.

Anyway, so, right after I told him my opinion and why, you know what this ballsy kid did? He asked me on a date for that Friday! It was a group date that he and his friends had planned, and of course I said that I'd love to go. So, we went to Costa Vida and had lunch, and we talked and talked for hours. I missed my next class just because I didn't want to leave him yet. We had found out that we had so much in common, and I was blown away by him. That little "trick date" that he took me on couldn't have gone better! And I couldn't wait to see him again. However, I was still a little confused, because I didn't know if he viewed me as just a friend, or if he was interested. I have always been "one of the guys," so I didn't know if he asked me just because I had become such good friends with all of them and they wanted to do a fun 'friend' date, or if he was into me. So, I will leave the rest of the story for another day. Just for kicks, Here's a picture of us on our first (second) date.

As for this Valentines day, I had the best Valentine ever. Jason left a pretty red dress and a sweet elephant necklace on my bed while I was at school with the instructions that I should wear it on our date that night. I went to his house and he made me the BEST food! He made an amazing roast, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and asparagus. He seriously slaved for hours on that meal, and it was delicious. Then we went to cold stone and saw the new Thor movie. It was the best Valentines day I've had yet, and I can't wait to spend every Valentines day forever with him! I got Jason all ten seasons of friends and had a candy bar poster that related to friends and our relationship. Like, "The one where we first met," and then I went on and put candy bars and such. It was clever, I was quite proud. Plus I'm stoked, because I feel that Friends will be a good investment for our Marriage. We love Friends! Anyways, I hope everyone had an Amazing Valentines day! I know mine was.


  1. I love Friends too. It just makes you feel good about life, ya know? So, I follow your wedding photographer's blog, and I saw the pictures she posted of you two (so cute, btw) and then I follow Rylee Blake, and I saw your picture again in the little template picture she posted! Haha! Shay is an amazing photographer. I'm excited to see the rest! Also, you grabbed his face!? Like, how close did you get? I am imaging it like kissing-close, so I need some verification. That's super funny, though. I feel like me and my husband's story is similar! Boys be actin so aloof. They love us. Haha.


    1. Emily, I wasn't so close that it was kissing distance, but almost... Haha I was maybe 6 inches away? and I agree with you about friends! Almost any situation in life can relate back to a friends episode. Thank you so much for commenting! I'll have to go follow your cute blog! :)

  2. SHERREE!! I love your perfect blog!! So happy for you and Jason!!

    1. Thanks teeny! You're so sweet! I miss you! Love ya girl!! :)

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    1. Thanks Melissa! Do you have a blog I can follow?! I'd love to read yours!