Monday, June 9, 2014

Good News and Silly Lists

Hello!! I've been so busy lately guys! I know what you're all thinking... It's about time right? I was sure I was going to waste away watching series after series on netflix. Good news, I finished Pretty Little Liars just in time for season 5! Booyah. Anyway, I got a full time job in the cosmetics department at Nordstrom! Yes! Makeup, discounts, and really cool coworkers? Success. I'm super stoked about it! More good news, I get to go home this week!!! I can't wait! I've missed my friends and family like crazy out here, and I can't wait to go home and be a part of my besties wedding! Weddings all around this year, am I right?!

On that happy note, here's a list of things that aggravate me, just because I wanted to.

1. Mean people
2. People who don't like dogs (get out of here.)
3. Overfilled, over plucked, or weirdly shaped brows. Seriously, with all the resources we have these days, why are people still getting this wrong?
4. The lady downstairs. (Refer to my previous blog posts.)
5. Pictures of girls with really hot bods on Pinterest that are supposed to "motivate" me. Am I the only person who looks at those pictures and thinks.... Well crap, I'm never gonna look like that! And then because I'm not unmotivated, I go and eat a burger and a shake? Haha I wish I was kidding.
6. Hang nails
7. Bad smells. All I can think is, what is that?! Where is it coming from?!
8. Horrible music.
9. When people say that they aren't wearing makeup, but they are. Stop lying, it's okay.
10. When people post the same picture on Instagram everyday. (Your car selfie is getting really old.)
11. When people post 10 pictures in a row on Instagram, and they are basically all the same thing.
12. When I give into a supposed sale and buy stuff I didn't even want or need in the first place. (But it was on sale!!)
13. The fact that anything gummy is made from gelatin. Gelatin is disgusting guys, look it up. But those dang gummies!! They are so good!
14. Texts with u r instead of you are or ut instead of you're, misuse of the words your and you're, misuse of the words their, there, and they're, etc.
15. Sleeping with socks
16. Wearing only one sock
17. Sweaters that are itchy
18. When my tv show gets cancelled for the night for something like a presidential speech or something... I'm pathetic I know.
19. When I see parents being mean to their kids.
20. They now make you pay to check even just one bag. What is that? Was my 800 dollar seat back in coach with peanuts for food, a sweaty large man to my right, a woman with a screaming baby to my left, and the 6 year old kid kicking my seat for five hours not enough for you?
21. Losing. At anything really. I just really don't like to lose.
22. Bad haircuts or colors... Or crocs.... Cringe.
23. Cooking takes a lot of time. Why does it take so long?
24. When I have met someone like 10 times and I still can't remember their name. I'm so horrible!
25. When people are flaky. That's just annoying, keeping plans is really not that hard.

There's a list of some of the rather silly things that aggravate me! What really grinds your gears? I'm the cheesiest. Happy Monday!

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