Monday, March 24, 2014


Honeymoons are the best thing ever. I wish they never had to end! Jason and I had the best time together. Husbands are the best invention ever! And yes, I may still be in the "honeymoon stage," but I don't care. I hope we can always stay in the honeymoon stage, and honestly, I don't see why it has to end. Even with all that life throws at us, I feel that if we are doing it right, marriage can only get more rich and fulfilling as time goes on. That's not to say that marriage will be perfect and we will never be at odds with one another, but if both of the people in the marriage are putting one another first and their priorities are in line, you cannot fail.

Sheree's Outfit Details: Beanie- Spacecraft Shirt and Skirt- J.Crew Shoes- Forever 21
Jason's Outfit Details: Shirt- J.Crew 

Our honeymoon was perfect. Jason and I spent 5 days in Park City, and it was the most perfect honeymoon I could've asked for. Everyone always does these lavish trips for their honeymoon (and I am a lover of lavish trips, trust me), but the problem with that is, I would feel obligated to go out and do things every second that I was there. Since Jason and I went to Park City, it was far enough to feel like we got away, but we didn't feel the need to be out and about everyday, all day. We were able to just enjoy the newness of being married and spending time with one another. It was perfect.  Sunday, we slept in late and went out for breakfast at The Eating Establishment. It was delicious, and their bacon is perfect. And if you're wondering if their orange juice is really fresh squeezed, it is (you never know these days). And it's worth it. Then we went to the grocery store and bought food for our condo that we were staying in, and we rented a movie. We watched the movie called "It's About Time."  Here is the trailer for those of you who haven't heard of it.

They say (I still don't know who they are, but they sure do know a lot) that the first movie that you watch as a married couple is reflective on your marriage. I didn't know that until after the fact, but I'm okay with that movie signifying what our marriage will be like! If you guys haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Yes, it is rated "R" because it is based in London.  If you've ever been to England before, or know anyone from the UK, you know those Brits and their potty mouths! ;) Other than that, the movie is perfectly clean and quite uplifting. I loved it. We finished off the night by going out to this lovely Italian restaurant called Ghidottis. Also highly recommended by me. It's delicious! The ambiance is amazing and the service is great. 

Jason's Outfit Details: Hat- Established Shirt- Burton Jacket and pants- Levi's

Monday morning we woke up and went to The Montage at Deer Valley Resort. This place is seriously PHENOMINAL. I don't even know how I would begin to describe it. We went to the spa and got a couples massage. First, they took us back to our separate lounges where they gave us robes to change into, and then there were lounge chairs and food to eat and it was just relaxing and nice.

Then my massage therapist came to get me, and they took us to the serenity suite. It was incredible. We walked in and there were two copper tubs, and a beautiful shower room and a fire place and huge room overlooking the mountains. They turned on relaxing music and we got the most amazing massages. I work in the beauty industry and I have had my fair share of massages, and this massage was the best that I've had by far. When they were finished, they took us to the pool room and gave us chocolate covered strawberries.

We went swimming and got in the hot tub and then went to our separate lounges again. There was a hot tub and steam room and showers with all the essentials, including shaving cream and razors. I was seriously in heaven! We just relaxed and had a spa day, and it was great. Then we went to Davanzas and met my brothers for pizza.  It was a good time.

One day we had a little getaway to Salt Lake and went shopping and just looked around at different little spots that we haven't been to before.

Jason's Outfit Details: Hat- Established Shirt- Burton Jacket and pants- Levi's
Jason's Outfit Details: Hat- Established Shirt- Burton Jacket and pants- Levi's Shoes- Adidas

We got dessert and just explored the city a little bit, and we went to Temple Square and surprisingly learned a lot about different buildings or periods in history that we never took the time to look into.  It was a lot of fun!

Sheree's Outfit Details: Beanie- Spacecraft Shirt and Skirt- J.Crew Shoes- Forever 21
Sheree's Outfit Details: Beanie- Spacecraft Shirt and Skirt- J.Crew Shoes- Forever 21
Jason's Outfit Details: Hat- Established Shirt- Burton Jacket and pants- Levi's Shoes- Adidas

The rest of the week was kind of a blur, but we went out to eat a lot, watched a lot of movies, went snowboarding at Park City resort, did even more shopping, and so many more things!  It was just perfect.  Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and that means honeymoons as well.

Jason's Outfit Details: Shirt and Tie- J.Crew Jacket: Levi's

Sheree's Outfit Details: Beanie- Spacecraft Shirt: J.Crew Lipstick- "Love Me" by Smashbox

On the bright side, we were able to accomplish a lot over the weekend! We took back all of our duplicate presents (we got six crock pots, no joke.) and got a few things we needed and set up our little space, so it was good! We even combined banks! Look at that, we are officially married now! Anyway, my honeymoon was great! Make sure to check out my upcoming blog post for pictures and details of the wedding day!


  1. I've been married for almost a year and I still feel like we're in the honeymoon stage haha. So, don't worry. It doesn't fade that fast! I went to The Montage for like a work party once, and it was super awesome. It reminded me of The Shining haha. I want to do their spa day for my anniversary! Thanks for the idea!

  2. You guys are an absolutely adorable couple! From the looks of the pictures, you surely had lots of fun in your honeymoon. The spa experience is a definite bonus. Stay lovely and good luck to both of you! Cheers! :)

    Eva Pacheco @ Belleza Med Spa