Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Wedding.

My wedding was pure perfection.  From the Rehearsal dinner the night before to the actual wedding day, I couldn't have asked for everything to go better.  It was so sweet to hear everyone's speeches at my rehearsal dinner.  I laughed, I cried, and I was so touched by everyone who was there to support us.  Not to mention the amazing food that we had, courtesy of La Jolla Groves.  I'm so happy that my friend Caitlyn was kind enough to film all of those speeches for us.  That is something we are going to be able to re-watch and enjoy for the rest of our lives.  If you want to check out more of Caitlyn's work, be sure to go to Caitlyn Cutler Videography.  If you want to see our wedding video (and trust me: you do) click on the link below!

I got a lot of questions the week prior to my wedding along the lines of, "are you nervous?"  It was an odd question to be asked the week before my wedding.  I've always heard of the term "cold feet," and I have always wondered if I would get them.  I am happy to say that the term "cold feet," is foreign to me.  I was in no way nervous to marry Jason.  What would I need to be nervous about?  He's my best friend, and I couldn't want anything more than to spend eternity with him, and I know that I am so lucky to be able to say that.  I truly found the best, and I am lucky he's all mine.

The night before my wedding, I slept like a baby.  Seriously, I just went straight to bed, no thoughts to keep me up; nothing. I just hit the pillow and BAM.  Best sleep of my life.  I woke up and my dear friend Kaci came to my house to do my hair and then I went to the darling Jade Baird to get my makeup done.  After I was all done up, it was off to the Temple to meet my soon to be husband.  The temple ceremony was so beautiful, and I am so blessed to have been married there surrounded by my family and closest friends.  It was truly an incredible feeling, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Pictures are amazing.  I'm obsessed with pictures.  However, getting 2 huge families and multiple friends to cooperate and form one picture is so frustrating!  I don't know how my photographer Shay did it with patience and a smile on her face.  It was seriously such a project, but I'm happy to say that we were able to get some great shots!

After we were done taking our pictures, we went to our reception hall with the wedding party to eat some food before the reception (because any of you who have been a part of a wedding, know that it's so busy you can barely get a bite in.)  I am so glad we did that pre reception dinner!  If you're getting married soon, seriously do it.  I didn't even know what food we had at my reception until I got my pictures back!  There is honestly no time to eat during the reception, so I would strongly suggest eating beforehand, cause if we wouldn't have, Jason and I would have been starving.  And quite frankly, hungry people suck.  I know I am the worst when I am hungry!  So do it, eat before, you wont regret it.

Our reception turned out beautifully.  My mom is amazing.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  My mom and I went around to multiple thrift stores for weeks to find enough candle sticks to cover each table.  We spent weeks painting and glittering these candle-sticks.  The flowers that I chose for my flower arrangements were soft blushed pink and cream.  We had garden roses, heather, sweet pea and hydrangea's, and I loved the way that they turned out.  I wanted my wedding to be simple and classic, and it turned out exactly how I imagined it!

We had a line for a small amount of time during the wedding, you know, common courtesy and all.  Which, can I just say something about lines at weddings?  No one likes them.  Literally, no one.  When I go to a wedding, I don't know the parents often, and I usually only know either the bride or the groom well, so wouldn't it just be easier to go to a wedding, not have a line, and then be able to talk to the people you really do know for a longer period of time?  Just sayin'.  Anyway, after 45 minutes. we had our friend Coulsen cut it off so we could get to the other things we had planned.  We cut our cake, and I was sure Jason was going to shove it in my face, but he didn't cause he thought I would be mad!  I really wouldn't have been... and I did put some cake on his face... oops! And can I just say how in love with my wedding cake I was?  Seriously, I am obsessed.  Then we did the garter toss (I was definitely blushing for that one.) and the bouquet toss.  We had dancing at the end of the reception, and that was so fun for us!  You know those weddings that they try to have dancing, but then it is just awkward and basically only the bride and groom are dancing while everyone else is watching them?  Well, I'm happy to say, that's not how it was at our wedding.  Jason and I love to dance!  And so does our "crew."  So, we had a very large number of people dancing and having a good time.  Anyway, I wont bore you anymore with the details, but please do enjoy our pictures!  I know I do!

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