Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Love.

I have to brag for a second about how adorable and incredible my little brother is.  The other day, My brother, David snap chatted me a picture of 2 packs of gum with little notes on them, from my youngest little brother, Jordan.  

Jordan is one of the most kind and loving people I have ever met.  Everyone who is lucky enough to know Jordan knows this about him. This picture made me tear up, because he is just so genuinely good and sweet.  He was blessed with the gift of charity since day 1, something I believe I will be trying to gain my entire existence.  This little boy is so special and loving, and it got me thinking about how much better I can be.  So often we settle for mediocrity, and it is criminal.  I know I am capable of so much more than I am doing, and I have enough time, enough love, enough passion, enough of everything to go around and think outside myself, like my little brother so graciously reminds me time and time again through his example.  I think if there were more people like Jordan in the world, it would be a much better place.  I also know that because there are people like Jordan in the world, it is a beautiful place, and we are so lucky to have people like him in our lives. 

Look how cute my siblings are!  Little Jordy is under my arm.

It seems like such a small act, buying a pack of gum for someone, but in the great scheme of things, it is a much larger act than it seems to be.  It's the little things in life that make people the happiest.  It's a 14 year old kid spending his own money to buy his brothers a treat when he went to the store to buy treats for himself.  It's a stranger saying hello and asking how your day is going, seeing old couples holding hands and deeply in love, your dog knowing when you're having a rough day and cuddling up next to you, your husband making you breakfast in the morning because he knows you're running late. It's the small acts of service and love that we show toward each other every single day that makes the biggest difference in all our lives.  It's all about love.  Everything we do, everyone we meet, everything we say, we should center around this one principle: Charity.  Life is beautiful, and I hope that I can help to make the world more beautiful each day.  

P.S. please excuse the bad picture quality, I had to snag these gems from my phone. 

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